Why is it just not working for me with the bets? A question that sports bettors will ask themselves again and again. It just takes experience and know-how to bet successfully. That’s it? We have been observing portals like BetterTipp for some time now. This makes it their task to help sports bettors with expert tips. How reliable and reputable are such offers? BetterTipp not only relies on live and combination tips. The makers behind the offer offer coaching – easily accessible via WhatsApp and e-mail. We have looked at the offer from in detail. And come across some interesting features. The review summarizes everything important from the test and our BetterTipp experiences.

What exactly is BetterTip? 

The central linchpin of the offer are:

  • Betting Tips
  • Match Analysis
  • live tips
  • Combination tips

Coaching content

Coaching content

For various games that are played in top national leagues, club and international competitions. BetterTipping does not only focus on soccer. On the contrary: other betting markets such as tennis or US sports are the focus.

The advantage: there are no additional costs for registering – i.e. opening a new account – or for the tips and analyzes themselves. Anyone who decides to use the offer does not need an annoying subscription model or hidden fees. uses WhatsApp and email to send expert assessments and coaching content. Users decide on one of the two ways and can use the first sports betting tips completely relaxed after activation. Basic tips can be found here: Correct bets

Register within minutes

Better tip or the offer sounds tempting. Register, have tips sent to you – and finally win more! What is the catch? Maybe there’s something to complain about when registering? We didn’t find any weaknesses for the test. At, every interested user has to go through a registration process that consists of two stages:

  • Registration
  • Activation.

And let’s look at both areas in detail. The registration – i.e. the actual opening of the user account at – takes just a few minutes. Anyone who has made it to the start page will quickly find the button “Register now for free”. A click on the button leads directly to the form for entering the data.

This is where BetterTipp comes in for a surprise. Instead of a very long form in which personal data has to be entered, it is sufficient to enter:

  • e-mail address
  • mobile number

In addition, the provider asks at this point how the user wants to receive the live and combination tips or coaching in the future. As soon as the data has been sent to BetterTipp, you should take a look at your own mailbox. The reason: BetterTipp sends an e-mail to the mailbox with instructions on how to proceed.

Activation process

Activation process

At, the activation of the newly created account comes with certain surprises. This is a multi-step process that every new user must go through before tips and analysis can be received. How does activation work in detail?

Open an account with a partner bookmaker: The prerequisite for using BetterTipps is registration with a partner company. These are bookmakers such as Skybet, XTiP or It is important to keep in mind that it must be a registration as a new customer.

Minimum deposit at the bookmaker: Activation is linked to another requirement – ​​the minimum deposit. The latter is to be paid to the partner of and amounts to 40 euros – a manageable sum.

Send evidence to BesserTippen: In order to complete the activation, needs evidence of the registration with the bookmaker and the payment to the betting account – in the form of screenshots. On the one hand, a screenshot of the bookmaker’s registration confirmation and on the other hand of the transaction overview must be created. Both screenshots go to BetterTipp customer service.

Activation by the support: If everything is done, only the check by the customer service is missing. As a rule, the whole procedure should take less than an hour to a maximum of 60 minutes.

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