Tennis betting is one of the most popular types of betting because tennis is one of the most popular popular sports. Tennis bets were in great demand not only in times when Boris Becker and Steffi Graf were still thrilling the masses with their top performances. Even today, when professionals like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer or Anqelique Kerber regularly cause a sensation at the big tournaments, tennis sports bets are still in high demand among bookmakers. However, if you really want to make money with tennis betting, you also need a suitable tennis strategy. The following guide therefore not only provides all information about tennis betting in general, but also provides all kinds of tennis tips for beginners as well as recommendations for suitable bonus offers.

General information on sports betting Tennis: Tennis fans should know this

Tennis is a sport where there is usually only one winner and one loser. Unlike football bets, it is not possible in this sport for both opponents to leave the field with a draw. Accordingly, players need to know that sports betting on tennis primarily focuses on two-way bets. Such two-way bets have only two possible outcomes: either player A wins or player B wins. This automatically reduces the risk for the player who places these sports bets on tennis, understandably, and he gets a 50:50 for every tip -Chance to be right with his prediction. Of course, this is also reflected in the odds of the bookmakers. These clearly state how much a player can win with his bet. Customers should definitely take this into account.

Tennis Strategy: These special bets are worth it

Tennis Strategy

Especially in big tennis tournaments, it often happens that real tennis aces, who are in the top places in the world rankings, have to deal with small underdogs in the first rounds. In this case, the odds for a win on the favorite are often not very lucrative. With handicap bets, players can improve their tennis strategy and increase their winnings.

A second variant that is worthwhile in terms of tennis strategy: combination bets. With these combination bets, several tennis bets are linked on one ticket. The risk is greater because all the tips have to be right, but at the same time the profit increases because the odds are multiplied. If you are familiar with tennis, you can use both tennis strategies to gain advantages in your tennis bets.

Tennis Betting Predictions: How Do Players Make Safe Predictions?

If you want your own tennis betting predictions to be as successful as possible, you have to do extensive research. The more intensive this research is, the more likely it is that tennis betting predictions will lead to profits. For example, please note:

  • the physical condition of the players
  • the weather and site conditions
  • the statistics

If temperatures are particularly hot during a tournament, it can make an athlete from the far north work up quite a sweat, which may give an opponent from a southern country an advantage. Even a knee injury that has only recently healed can suddenly cause problems for a player on the tennis court and even have a decisive effect on the game in the long term. So that your own tennis betting predictions can be given as precisely as possible, research on the internet, in sports magazines and various other sources is extremely important.

Tennis betting tips and bonuses: How can a tennis bonus help?

betting tips and bonuses

If you want to submit your tennis betting tips as successfully as possible, you can seek help from the bookmaker. Although he will not reveal the best forecasts for tennis betting tips, he does give his customers an additional financial cushion in the form of a bonus from time to time. With such a tennis betting tips bonus, players can place more bets. Sometimes the bonus offers can even be paid out separately, which brings in additional amounts of money. But before the players activate a bonus for sports betting in order to be able to make several or higher tennis betting tips, the bonus offers should be compared well. The top providers with the regularly best bonus promotions for tennis fans include: Unibet Bonus, betfair Bonus and Interwetten Bonus.

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