Sports betting is a very big business internationally. The global sports betting market is expected to bring in between $700 billion and $1 trillion each year.

In the world of sports betting, which sports events bring in the most money? We’ll look at how much money is bet on the five most-watched sports in the world.

Since football is the most popular sport in the world, it makes sense that it brings in the most money. Estimates show that soccer is responsible for 70% of the $1 trillion that was mentioned above every year. You can also bet on these events at Bet22.

FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the most important football tournament. It is held every four years. Even though the World Cup only lasts a month, there are a lot of ways to bet on it.

In the first round of the competition, 210 countries competed. After that, they compete in more rounds to get to the final 32. Bets can be made at every stage of the process by gamblers from all over the world. Even though there are no official numbers, it is expected that more than $260 million is bet on the tournament as a whole; with millions of fans winning amazing prizes globally.

The Kentucky Derby

Since 1839, the Grand National, a national hunt race held every year in Liverpool, England, has been the second-biggest horse race, especially when it comes to betting. A national hunt is not like a track race like the Kentucky Derby because there are fences and ditches along the course. The good news is that sports enthusiasts can now bet on this event online.

COVID-19 shut down many betting shops in the world, so people at the 2021 event bet a staggering 100 million pounds (USD 137.4 million) and broke records for online betting. Many things made the event’s winner stand out. First, Minella Times, an Irish-bred thoroughbred horse, was an 11-1 long shot. More importantly, Rachael Blackmore rode the horse as it ran and jumped. She was the first female jockey in the event’s history to win.

UEFA’s European Championship

UEFA's European Championship

The UEFA Champions League is played every four years. With 24 teams, there are several games here you can bet on. It is the biggest football event in Europe, making it very popular among bookmakers.

In total. You have over 50 games, so you can choose among several alternatives to bet on. Betting options include the results of each match, the winners of each group, the winners of the whole tournament, the winning groups, the top goal scorers, the players of the tournament, and many more.

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