Casinos and arcades have been a favorite place for gambling lovers for several decades, but many people gamble more money than they want and wonder how best to succeed. First of all, it should be said that gambling with real money should by no means not be a solution to money problems. It’s just for fun and winning extra money is of course a nice thing, but it shouldn’t be the solution to problems.

However, if there is a craving to win some extra money, here are a few useful tips for slots lovers.

Gaming Ordinance

In Germany there are very strict rules when it comes to gambling. A slot machine, for example, may only be located in places where drinks and food are sold and where a certain gaming license for slot machines has been obtained.

There are also rules about how much money can be gambled away in a certain amount of time or how much profit the slot machine can pay out in a certain amount of time. The limit is 500 euros and then more than 30 minutes must pass before the machine is allowed to add more money to the player’s account balance. In addition, there is now a law in casinos that a player can only play on one machine and the maximum amount that can be deposited is 10 euros. This is to prevent players from gambling too much money in a short time.

Of course, there are also legal regulations on how many winnings the slot machine has to spend. It’s all pre-programmed and every machine has to give out winnings at some point.

Online vs offline

Online vs offline

While the games on slot machines are the same in arcades or online on the computer, there are still some differences. For example, the Gaming Ordinance states that in arcades only a limited amount of money may be booked on the machines in a certain time. This is not the case online, where any amount can usually be booked to the account and the waiting times are therefore shorter. In addition, the “Maxbet” is between 2 and 4 euros, depending on which game is being played. Online, on the other hand, the limit is determined by site and law. In some cases you can play up to 200 euros per spin online.

There are also more games online and mostly all games that can also be found in arcades.


On the Sunmaker site there is a large selection of games and also opportunities to win a jackpot on slot machines. Jens Meier tested Sunmaker and collected some interesting facts. From time to time, the jackpot is even in the 6-digit range, which would definitely be a very nice additional income. The games also have features, for example, that are not available in arcades. There are random features on some games that happen independently of free spins and can give the player a lot of money. There are also popular games, such as Bonanza, Extra Chilli and a few more, which arcades don’t even have them.

There is also the possibility that free spins can be bought in some games. In Extra Chilli, for example, free spins can be bought for 100 euros for a stake of 2 euros and this as often as long enough money is available.

Casino games or table games can also be played on Sunmaker. Classic games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and many more can even be played with live dealers.

The deposit on the site can be made through the normal checking account, through Paypal or by credit card. The payment is also made to the desired account.

Slot machine – tricks and tips for winning and playing

Would you like to win a lot and not get intoxicated? Then it is best to set a limit on the money you want to play with from the outset. Let’s assume that you want to use 50 euros to gamble. Since you are only allowed to put 10 euros into a slot machine in the casino, it is best to try it out on a slot machine and first see how many wins the machine gives. With 10 euros in a machine, you should initially play with a maximum stake of 20 cents, better even only with a stake of 10 cents. Try your favorite game first and see how it goes. Does the machine give good wins, does the ladder up to multiply your win go well, or does the card gamble work well?

You should pay attention to these things when playing and if that is the case and you gradually make a few profits and may have doubled your stake, you can ask yourself whether it is enough or you want to achieve even more. Either you take out all the money, the amount you deposited or continue to gamble with the game amount. For example, you can now double your bet and try to win more money. Let’s assume that you play the Magic Mirror game on a Merkur slot machine, which is similar to the Book of Ra game from Novoline and the aim is to get three scatter symbols to activate the free spins, then you should first of all pay attention to free spins to get. You get the free spins with a €10 bet with your first €10 and the machine runs fine, then you can set it to 20 cents per spin and see if that happens again. If the machine plays all the money back down to 10 euros, you should lower the stake back to 10 cents, or if it seems to you that the machine isn’t running so well, maybe even take out the money and try it on another machine . But if you get free spins with a stake of 20 cents and double your amount again, then you should definitely take 20 euros out. Then you’ve definitely already made a profit and, if you want to, you’ll be able to leave the casino with a good feeling. With the remaining 20 euros you can simply continue to play 20 Cent Fach and try to get more winnings.

Your own rules of thumb can help

rules of thumb

My own rule of thumb when playing, which is very successful and fun for me, is that I increase the bet by 10 cents for every 10 euros. Say 10 cent spins for 10 euros, 20 cents for 20 euros, 30 cents for 30 euros and so on. Not only does this method give you the opportunity to make bigger profits, but it also adds a certain thrill to the whole thing. And everything from the point at which profit is made, you can either take it out for yourself or keep playing with it.

You should also keep an eye on an amount from the outset, from which you will definitely leave the casino. If 100 euros is your goal and you have reached it, then take the money out and leave the casino. Anyone who has ever won knows how difficult it is to stick to it, it can be compared to following money-saving tips in everyday life and not giving in…

Of course, it’s also important to consider how much time you have. If you need to go a little faster, then you can place your bet higher than 20 cents with 10 euros, but the relative chance of winning is then lower. You can win a lot quickly through luck, but then you are more likely to lose as a percentage.

Things are a little different online, where you can quickly deposit whatever amount you want to play with. For example, if it’s 100 euros there, you can simply play 1 euro per spin and the chance of free spins or a big win with at least 100 spins is still relatively high.

Tricks and tips Conclusion:

In any case, set yourself boundaries and limits, try not to get angry or try to recoup your losses with more money. Do it for fun and not as a solution to money problems. Don’t look at the symbols with hatred and just try to have fun.

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