Secret casino tricks are something like the Holy Grail of casino games and slot machines: although undiscovered, countless players still believe in them. But what about the slot machine tricks and reports of slot machine manipulation on the internet?

In addition to winning strategies, e-books and instructions for manipulating Novoline, casino tricks are even offered there as an app, but mostly for a fee. We have researched for you and enlightens you about casino tricks and tips in 2022.

Can you start a winning mode by manipulating slot machines?

Anyone who has ever lost real money at slot machines or online slots quickly takes it personally. A near win can also give you the feeling that you just missed out on great luck. Since players often do not know exactly how a machine works, assumptions are quickly made. Fraudsters take advantage of this to sell their goods.

Casino tricks and slot machine tricks in the form of books, e-books, PDF documents, websites and guides often promise a secret winning mode, winning cycle, button trick or alleged system bug which, if used correctly, can result in sure wins. A fee is required for this, between €10 and €300. It could be worthwhile as an investment, but these tricks are more than dubious.

Mercury Tricks 2022

Mercury Tricks

The Merkur games from the German manufacturer Gauselmann are well-known and popular. Popular slot games like Double Triple Chance, Joker’s Cap, Blazing Star or Eye of Horus would certainly be even bigger hits if the alleged winning cycle really existed. A slot machine strategy consists of using certain deposit amounts, bets per round and key combinations to bring the machine into a payout phase, during which the game then literally spits out money.

There are also instructions for the additional bet of the risk ladder as to when and how often you should press the risk button. There are many excuses why it didn’t work for disappointed players: the combination was wrong, the button wasn’t pressed at the right moment, only the machines of a certain series have this cycle and more. But the simplest explanation is the bitter truth: There are no Mercury tricks that trigger a winning cycle.

Can Novoline be manipulated?

The Novoline games from the Austrian manufacturer Novomatic are of course particularly widespread and popular in this country. The slots would be even more exciting if free spins or the big real money win could be triggered at will. This is promised by the many key combinations that you have to press to bring about a winning mode even in Novoline slot machines.

In addition, there are Novoline slot machine tricks such as observing the display for the money store or trying to retrieve an inserted bill with a thread. Aside from the fact that none of these methods work, actively tampering with gaming machines is illegal. There is plenty of software available for Novoline online slots in the form of smartphone apps or browser plug-ins designed to do everything from predicting winning symbols to activating free spins and sending “winning signals”.

However, the random results of online slots are not generated on your computer but on a server and are protected from attacks. In the best case, cheat software simply does not work, in the worst case, it is malware that spy on your data.

What are slot machine jammers?

slot machine jammers

Jammers are supposed to be used on gaming machines and confuse the machine so that it either pays out winnings or books money into the player’s account without actually inserting real money. A copper spiral is usually held in the slot for this purpose. The interference signal consists of an electromagnetic pulse that affects the electronics.

The exact outcome of such manipulation cannot be precisely predicted, since it is a very crude method. So-called EMP jammers have long been known to the manufacturers, so that modern slot machines are not only equipped with metal plates for protection, but also trigger a corresponding alarm if an electromagnetic pulse is detected.

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