Sports betting has experienced a boom in recent years. Well-known faces from the sports world, who advertise for some of the well-known bookmakers, certainly have a part in this development. And various sports betting providers appear again and again in the perimeter advertising in the stadium. If you want to be successful with your tips, leave nothing to chance.

That means: It takes a lot of experience and knowledge about the sport to be able to assess the best chances. Know-how that not everyone has. Beginners in particular will have to pay an apprenticeship fee. And are therefore happy when experts give them a few tips.

An unusual development can be observed in the wake of the sports betting boom. Websites are created that advertise with professional tips and promise profits. At first glance, Tippinsider belongs in this group. But: It is worthwhile to develop a differentiated perspective here. Because Tippinsider differs from part of the offer.

Ask for money for sports betting tips – not with Tippinsider!

How serious can sites be that promise tips on sporting events – and thus give the impression of being able to make big bucks? As soon as profits are promised or guaranteed, alarm bells should ring. The same applies to offers that first require the payment of a fee or where a subscription is involved.

There is a risk here of being asked to pay twice at the end. There are simply no guaranteed winnings in sports betting – no matter what sport it is in the end. Tippinsider does not even want to give this impression. On the contrary: the makers behind the website make it clear that their assessments do not have to be correct either.

Even if experts analyze and evaluate games – an underdog can always win against the favourite. What are the advantages of Tippinsider?

Betting with Tippinsider: 80 percent hit rate

What advantages does Tippinsider have for sports betting? The offer stands out in the sports betting comparison in several places. On the one hand, the offer is free. In other words, interested parties do not have to take out a subscription, which is expensive month after month, nor pay a fee for each tip delivered. How is it all financed then? We’ll get to that later.

The fact is: Registering at and using the offer are free for sports betting fans. Even those who opt for the VIP service do not have to pay a cent to the experts behind the offer.

A service that costs nothing – sounds good. But: If none of the assessments are correct, the offer will still be expensive. After all, wagers cost money. Has Tippinsider ever put his knowledge to the test? The expert analyzes come to a hit rate of 80 percent.

A quite remarkable value. Of course, 100 percent would always be better. But no betting expert has a crystal ball at home. Tippinsider can only achieve the high quota through extensive evaluations of team statistics, form curves and result tables. And that involves a certain amount of effort – which leads to a small “downer”. The betting tips from Tippinsider are only available for football and here only for the larger events/first-class leagues.

Tippinsider also offers many opportunities to get involved with the betting scene. How to find reports on bonus offers and payment methods. For example, you can find report on depositing with PayPal on the page,

50 betting tips per week

50 betting tips per week

A tip here, a few evaluations there – the watering can principle does not help anyone with regard to sports betting. What is needed are analyzes that are reliably delivered before the kick-off. How many betting tips do users get? At Tippinsider there are up to 50 tips – every week. And here is certainly one or the other evaluation, which fits into your own betting portfolio and with which the betting strategy can be polished up a bit.

A strength of the analysts behind the offer is accumulator bets. The latter have become increasingly important in the past and are played by many experienced sports betting fans.

But beware: If you have not had any experience with combination bets and you want to bet real money for the first time, one thing must be clear. High odds beckon with these bets (the odds of the individual bets are added) – at the same time, the risk should not be underestimated. As soon as even one bet falls into the void, the entire betting slip becomes worthless.

Advantages of – an overview:

  • Up to 50 tips/analysis per week
  • High hit probability of 80 percent
  • More than 20,000 users of the VIP service
  • Reputable provider, company listed on the stock exchange
  • Tips suitable for combination bets
  • More than 20,000 followers on Facebook

Given these arguments, a closer look at Tippinsider is definitely warranted. This does not only include the question of the quality of the tips and analyses. Sports betting fans have increasingly learned in recent years that seriousness also plays a role. What does the whole thing look like at Tippinsider?

Who is behind Tippinsider?

Tips on the outcome of football events – who is also going to announce the whole thing for free? A perfectly valid question. At first glance, there is a suspicion that it might be an offer from bookmakers. The latter simply want to lure new customers with it – and therefore let the first tips end in the sense of sports bettors.

Where is the misconception? Bookmakers do not influence game decisions. And there is a second important aspect. Behind Tippinsider is a company that has some experienced sports bettors pricking their ears – Catena Media PLC

What does this note tell us? Catena has existed since 2008 and started as a consulting company. Catena now runs the following projects, among others:

Catena Media PLC is really known as the company behind And the company has grown so strongly in recent years that the IPO was a success. What does this mean for betting fans interested in Tippinsider?

It’s simple: A publicly traded company should be very keen not to be associated with fraud or sports betting scams. Reliability therefore plays an important role in the company portfolio of a stock corporation. And from this point of view, it can be assumed that the makers behind Tippinsider are committed to seriousness. Especially since Tippinsider has nothing to do with spreading misjudgments within its user group.

Use analyzes and evaluations

Use analyzes and evaluations

What use are tips on sports betting if they are exclusively tailored to a bookmaker? none! However, Tippinsider does not suffice with its evaluations with the claim that they are only tailored for one or two providers. In principle, the delivered analyzes can be used flexibly for different bookmakers.

This advantage of high flexibility is certainly one of the reasons that explains the strong growth of the community. Tippinsider managed, for example, to increase the number of followers on Facebook significantly within just a few months. With this, Tippinsider has greatly expanded Facebook as a channel.

In general, the makers of the service rely heavily on social media and modern communication channels. Tippinsider provides important information and facts about upcoming encounters on Facebook. In addition to a summary of the main facts about the game, interested parties can find out the ratio of goals and last encounters here.

Tip: Anyone who registers with Tippinsider on Facebook can of course leave their wallet in their pocket. Neither a subscription nor one-time fees are due for the use of the analyses. In return, sports betting fans can find out interesting facts about the various games on the platform.

Disadvantages of Tippinsider – we need to talk!

Tippinsider brings various advantages. And that has already been discussed at length. Anyone who has read the field report in detail so far has also come across a few points that have a certain potential for improvement.

It is in the nature of things that the tips cannot always apply. Another aspect concerns the delivery of the analyses. Tippinsider uses e-mail or WhatsApp for this. Which service is to be used must be set when registering. Tippinsider sticks to the set day – at least according to experience. But the clock doesn’t always work. We can only speculate about the reasons, technical causes can also lead to this.

Conclusion: Tip insider for combination and single bets

What to think of an offer that promises guaranteed profits with sports betting? Nothing! Tippinsider does not make this claim at all. On the contrary: the makers behind the analyzes and evaluations point out the risk of loss with bets very precisely and clearly. But Tippinsider stands out for other reasons. Instead of having sports betting fans pay dearly for analyzes, the evaluations are free of charge. Delivered to a specified email address or to a WhatsApp account, there are up to 50 tips per week. And these don’t cost a cent, even in the VIP program. Even those who register and also use Tippinsider on Facebook don’t have to dig into their wallets. In addition to these plus points, Tippinsider is backed by a well-known public limited company. And they certainly won’t risk burning their fingers with a sports betting scam.

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