When it comes to slot machine tricks and strategies, opinions differ. While some voices think that there are no strategies and real tricks, there are others who are convinced of the opposite. When looking closely at the successes of the pro-strategy speakers, however, the question no longer arises, because it quickly becomes clear that there are tricks and tips that support winning at online slot machines. As with the voices on slot strategy, or the lack of it, the following tips and tricks show that looking is also a part of being able to realistically capture game odds and create clear winning odds. Our slot machine tricks are no magic and no sorcery. There are just a few simple rules and tips to keep in mind. There is no “magic wand” like “surefire slot machine tricks” to win in online casinos – anyone who claims something like that is not serious.

Slots Trick 1: The Smell of Big Money

A progressive jackpot rarely comes about through sponsors. Rather, it is made up of an accumulation of stakes from lost games. A fact to consider for players who want to try their hand at progressive jackpot slots. In this case, the recommendation for safely winning, albeit small amounts, falls on raising hands on progressive slot machine jackpots. Instead, the choice should fall on slot machines with lower winning possibilities but with more frequent payouts. Of course, this is not to say that you shouldn’t “afford” to play a progressive jackpot slot from time to time. Experience has shown that just specializing in this does not end well.

Number 2: You will probably lose out against luck

Trick number 2

At least that’s what experience says, unless you’re Gustav Gans. If not, then take the advice and don’t linger too long on a slot that lets more money in than it pays out. Set yourself clear rules when playing an online slot machine, such as: If I still haven’t won a round after 10 rounds, I change the slot machine. As great as the game’s storyline and graphics are, there’s nothing to be gained, other than a financial loss, if you can’t at least play the stakes once in a while.

Trick number 3: Familiarize yourself with the slot machines and their idiosyncrasies

Playing slot machines can be educational, as can studying stock market news and then buying stocks. It’s about getting to know the small but fine peculiarities of your favorite slot machines. It’s a matter of time before you recognize peculiarities through the story and the colorful flashes. Make use of them, write them down in a book or on your PC or smartphone and collect all the data. Researching customer opinions can also help. As in the real casino, there are slot machines in the online casino that seem to be easier to win than other machines. It is worth carefully examining and getting to know all the machines of an online casino provider with the aim of finding the machines where winning is somehow faster.

Slots trick number 4: Free games should always be welcomed with open arms

What’s better than being gifted with free games? These are the easiest ways to help you gain new knowledge about slot machines. Without having to use any money, you can get to know the characteristics of one or more slot machines by playing free games. So take your time and activate bonus offers that include free games. New registrations at online casinos also include free games. So it can be worth registering with several online casino providers in order to secure free games or free bonus money for trying out slot machines and gaining experience.

The Fifth Trick: Calculations Can “Predict” Your Advantage

The Fifth Trick

The probability that was excessively studied in high school may not have had any particular relevance in life so far, but this is quite different when playing slot machines. There, applying the basics of probability theory means that real odds of winning can be calculated. Mathematically, playing a slot machine with an RTP below 95% is never worth playing. By printing out the reels, you can easily determine all possible winning combinations and their probability of occurring. The respective profits can be obtained on the provider’s website, from customer support or by means of experience reports.

6. Not just prevention of gambling addiction

One of the most important cues in “healthy” gambling is setting a budget. What would you like to bet in the next gaming session or within a week? The decision on the amount of the budget should be independent of the profit share. This is the only way to protect yourself from spending too much. Another hint can be found in the orientation according to the payout percentage of the respective online slot machine. The payout percentage can be found on the official website of the online casino provider or by contacting customer support. Slot machines with a quota between 95% and 98% are worthwhile. 99% is very unlikely in practice.

Number 7: Internet slot machine tricks are never “surefire” or “secret”!

Finally, we would like to point this out again. Any videos, websites, emails or other offers that offer you the surefire “Book of Ra Trick” or the “Secret Magic Mirror Trick” are not legitimate. The manufacturers of the casino games, like Novoline or Merkur, have been in this business for ages and will not offer the user a chance to commit slot machine fraud with tricks or illegal means. Any bugs are eliminated before a slot machine is used. However, should an error occur, the online casino will simply refuse to pay you out. So please – the only slot machine tricks that really work are your own prudence and a little common sense!

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