Reverse engineering is the act of taking apart and analyzing an object to understand and reproduce how it works. A Russian entrepreneur and hacker managed to do this using classic slot machines from a well-known manufacturer. He bought several old devices, read out the software and analyzed it to finally get to the random number generator. This made it possible to predict game results from identical devices.

In detail, the slot machine trick required an app and software. A player went to the casino and used his smartphone to tell an accomplice the symbols appearing on the slot machine. Software analyzed the status of the random number generator and was thus able to determine the next winning picture. By vibrating, the smartphone signaled to the player when to press the stop button. Millions in profits were possible in this way.

In order to repeat the trick in practice today, knowledge of the software of the machines would first be required in order to analyze the random number generator. In addition to programming the software and app, the actual winnings in the casino would also have to remain undiscovered in order to be successful with the reverse engineering trick.

Can you win at roulette with a game system?

win at roulette

Roulette is one of the best-known and most widespread games of chance. Almost as old as the game itself are attempts at guaranteed winnings. There are three different categories of roulette tricks: game strategies, physical errors or observations and software errors.

A winning strategy prescribes stakes and behavior for the player with the goal of making a profit in any case. This assumes that previous losses are eventually recouped. This is usually done by increasing the stakes according to certain specifications. However, all of these mathematical roulette strategies have the problem that the so-called house advantage cannot be calculated during the game. If there is zero, the bank wins.

At the real roulette table there is an opportunity to watch the game and predict where the ball will land. Either a mechanical defect in the wheel should be exploited or the player recognizes the throwing technique of the croupier and makes assumptions based on the speed of the wheel. Indeed, several players have managed to achieve such sizeable wins. However, “kettle watching” requires years of practice and is now impossible with computer-controlled roulette tables.

Software errors can theoretically be exploited in online casinos or on gambling machines. In 2012, this was actually the case on Merkur slot machines with roulette, but the error was corrected by the manufacturer with a software update. Online casino games have gone through rigorous testing to be flawless. Should a cheat nevertheless be possible, the affected games can simply be switched off. The general terms and conditions also state that a casino is not obliged to pay out the winnings in the event of a malfunction.

Fairness wins in the arcade and in the internet casino

wins in the arcade

Even though the Internet is full of casino tricks and instructions on how to win real money in the supposedly safe way, these paid slot machine tricks turn out to be a waste of time and money. Even if one or the other player may be disappointed, this also has its good side: It is still possible to win honestly and take fair chances in the arcade or in the online casino!

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