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The best casino tips & tricks 2022

Secret casino tricks are something like the Holy Grail of casino games and slot machines: although undiscovered, countless players still believe in them. But what about the slot machine tricks and reports of slot machine manipulation on the internet? In addition to winning strategies, e-books and instructions for manipulating Novoline, casino tricks are even offered …

Reverse Engineering Slots

What is Reverse Engineering Slots?

Reverse engineering is the act of taking apart and analyzing an object to understand and reproduce how it works. A Russian entrepreneur and hacker managed to do this using classic slot machines from a well-known manufacturer. He bought several old devices, read out the software and analyzed it to finally get to the random number …

Slot machine tricks

Slot machine tricks for the online casino!

When it comes to slot machine tricks and strategies, opinions differ. While some voices think that there are no strategies and real tricks, there are others who are convinced of the opposite. When looking closely at the successes of the pro-strategy speakers, however, the question no longer arises, because it quickly becomes clear that there …

Benefits of tips

Tippinsider: Benefits of tips for sports betting

Sports betting has experienced a boom in recent years. Well-known faces from the sports world, who advertise for some of the well-known bookmakers, certainly have a part in this development. And various sports betting providers appear again and again in the perimeter advertising in the stadium. If you want to be successful with your tips, …

Tennis Betting Strategy

Tennis Betting Strategy » Predictions, Today’s Tips & Tricks

Tennis betting is one of the most popular types of betting because tennis is one of the most popular popular sports. Tennis bets were in great demand not only in times when Boris Becker and Steffi Graf were still thrilling the masses with their top performances. Even today, when professionals like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer …

Win more with expert tips

BetterTipp: Win more with expert tips

Why is it just not working for me with the bets? A question that sports bettors will ask themselves again and again. It just takes experience and know-how to bet successfully. That’s it? We have been observing portals like BetterTipp for some time now. This makes it their task to help sports bettors with expert …